Yale Menus API

Access Yale Dining data with ease!

The Yale Menus API (formerly YaleDine) provides an open, standards-compliant interface that developers can use to access Yale Dining's dining hall and menu data. It replaces Yale Dining's deprecated official API, and scrapes data from Yale Dining's occupancy statistics page, the new JAMIX menus website, and various other sources, compiling it together and cleaning it up for presentation in a polished and developer-friendly API that can easily be used for your projects.

For questions, comments, bug reports, or suggestions, contact [email protected].

API documentation


All endpoints below are from the root https://api.yalemenus.com/. For example, https://api.yalemenus.com/halls. All endpoints return a JSON response.


Get list of available dining Hall objects.


Get single Hall object with the given id.


Get list of Manager objects for the given hall.


Get list of Meal objects for the given hall. Give a URL parameter date=YYYY-MM-DD to get meals on a specific date.


Get list of all Meal objects.


Get single Meal object with the given id.


Get list of Item objects for the given meal.


Get list of all Item objects.


Get single Item objects with the given id.


Get single Nutrition object for the Item with the given id.